“Are you two sisters?”
Bekah and Molly may not be biological sisters, but it’s sugar that brought them together! This Denver duo has big hearts and a passion for making everyone smile and feel at home.

Since 2015 Bekah has owned and operated a franchised bakery in Castle Rock, Colorado. In 2016, Molly joined Rebekah’s team and quickly became the lead decorator for all things imaginative and impossible.

The pair quickly became fast friends and immediately started working more efficiently on their shifts together, just so they could “play” and create hundreds of variations to their daily menu. With over 25 years combined restaurant and catering experience, the wheels starting churning pretty quickly.

Bekah recalls back to their first year working together, “We would be texting and screen sharing anything and everything related to sugar when not working together, it was 24/7. We were like little kids again. Excited and just genuinely having FUN while working. Finally finding that one person who geeked out over the same things you did. There was no off time from the creativity that would grow from one conversation. It was magical and effortless.”

“How did Sugar Sisters happen?”

The pair started traveling together and that’s when their individual courses took a sharp turn towards an entirely different future.

“We were both unsatisfied in our current Full Time Careers. Bekah wanted more creative and partnership freedom & I was working full time in accounting. A company I loved, but I was not using my talents whatsoever. We felt like butterflies trapped in our own cocoons. We had these beautiful and unique wings we wanted to stretch and we couldn’t. So we started traveling together, then one of us had the stellar idea to audition for The Amazing Race.” - Molly

“This is so us. We went on not one, but TWO Amazing Race auditions together. We were convinced we would get chosen! Far from perfect, no sense of direction, uncontrollable laughter and of course attention to all things food. Why wouldn’t we get selected for a huge scavenger hunt?” -Bekah

On their second audition in Colorado summer of 2018 they created the concept for their own race. Sitting outside of the audition for 5 hours waiting to be seen it happened. While most hopefuls were going over rehearsed lines, acting out their audition “skills”, Bekah and Molly laid on the grass dreaming up what their perfect bakery would be.

“I would give anything for record of that afternoon. We were like two little kids laying on a hill looking up at the sky designing our products out of clouds. It was fun and exciting. We were creating a business and a new family.”

From that moment on it was late nights, doubles in the existing Bakery and thousands and thousands of ideas.

What makes Sugar Sisters Bakery different from all of the other sweet shops around? Like any good business, it’s the perfect balance of quality products and customer service. But Bekah and Molly and their team want to take your experience a step further. From the moment you walk up, you immediately know you’re in for something special. The best friend- owners want every guest to feel welcomed, loved and appreciated. “We want you smiling and full of joy.”

While always creating the classics, exploring trends and unique flavors while building local partnerships with fellow hard working independents and NFPO’s, Sugar Sisters Bakery will surely sweeten up your day and soul upon visiting.

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