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Moist vanilla bean cake, jam-packed with rainbow sprinkles, in between some seriously mouthwatering layers, all on top of our favorite funfetti cookie. THE SPREAD: Vanilla buttercream loaded with rainbow sprinkles. THE CRUNCH: Our classic white chocolate crumble - but decked out in rainbow sprinkles

Death By Chocolate:

Rich, decadent and moist chocolate cake...may you rest peacefully on your chocolate cookie base. Let us never forget your 3 layers of gooey, fudgey, crunchy goodness and perfectly balanced coca buttercream. *Also, thank you for making us feel like we died due to chocolate euphoria - and not actually killing us. May you R.I.P.

Red Velvet:

Three layers of silky red velvet cake, layered between our rich cream cheese frosting, packed with that famous S.S. white chocolate crunch, all atop a chewy red velvet cookie. WARNING - THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE RED VELVET CAKE


Moist lemon cake alternating between three layers of some serious lemon magic. THE TART: Our homemade lemon curd. THE SPREAD: A subtly sweet lemon buttercream. THE CRUNCH: Our classic white chocolate crumble. THE BASE: A perfectly chewy sugar cookie. *SS SECRET*: WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS - CHILLOUT & MAKE SOME BADASS LEMON CAKE

Red Rocks:

So much more than just a pretty little cake. Tri-colored layers of our moist almond cake, between a silky almond buttercream, all atop a chewy almond cookie. But it doesn’t stop there almond lovers...this cake’s got THE CRUNCH too. Our famous white chocolate crumble with an almond twist makes this cake THE BEST (and prettiest) ALMOND CAKE YOU HAVE EVER HAD

Chocolate Chip:

Let's start with the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE base & the three layers CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE cake…Now for THE MAGIC in between: brown sugar cream cheese frosting, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH, gooey fudge and our classic white chocolate crumble. *Drooling


Our classic carrot cake is SO GOOD - that we had to keep it simple. Kind of... 4 LAYERS of moist carrot cake layered between our rich cream cheese frosting and our classic white chocolate crumble. It’s just what you expect from the best carrot cake you ever had - AND THEN SOME


We are CRAZY for this coconut cake...for real. Three layers of a light, yet moist coconut cake that is perfectly balanced with its three layers of rich & creamy coconut cream cheese frosting and filled with our famous white chocolate crumble, all atop a chewy sugar cookie. *CRAZY IN LOVE